the sisters i never had. (coz i’m deprived like that.)


for their teary calls late that night, their hugs, their girly company, for being there.

and for ‘luring’ me out for our traditional “AGM”, i needed it. :)

ps: on another happy note, congrats to the neos on the arrival of another Tahui Boy! one more ‘brudder’ for aniq’s future clan hehe.

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  1. ur avid reader says:

    kak hana, i cant help but be envious with the bond you and your clan have. like you, i am very much deprived of sisterly love too. but sadly, the friends whom i’d regarded as “sisters” for more than a decade disappointed me time and time again albeit the numerous chances i gave. i’ve called it quits with them since then. still upsets me each time i recall the good times.

    then again, i must say, congratulations to you and kak esah, kak rini and kak ayu. i’ll pray that the friendship you kakak-kakaks have will go a loooooooooooong way till the end of time, till your next generations. insya’allah.

    p.s: kak esah’s and ur baju cantik banget. boleh share-share tak bilang kat mana beli?? hehehe… *blush*

  2. sushimi says:

    yes i agree with “ur avid reader”. most of the girl friends i have turn out to be hypocritical, selalu mengira and suka simpan dendam. saya cemburu juga! :(

  3. ur avid reader says:

    betul tu sushimi.. to add on to the list, jealousy is one of their frequent traits too.. sigh.. what say can i? kiter tak as lucky as kak hana & gang…

  4. hana says:

    thanks! hope you girls will find the right ‘chemistry’ some day.
    then again, maybe coz we’re, erm, ‘older’ lah. 30 yrs old leh! i think we’ve each gone thru all those things before ourselves too. :)
    btw, rin and i have been frens since sec school so we’re quite ‘masak’ with each other, and same goes with ayu and esah!

    ps: my baju is from one of the shops on the 4th floor of far east plaza. the label’s called Manggis! esah will reply you on her baju hehe.

  5. Ariedie says:

    dear hana pls reply my email,,,
    thank u so very much… :)

  6. hana says:

    hi, sorry, was it about the thomas and friends song? i really have no idea where to find it, sorry. we dun even watch the show much. :S

  7. has says:

    u guys r sooo photogenic. everyone look lk models in all e pics.

  8. esah says:

    aisey don’t like that lei heh.. i guess all u need is effort to keep the friendship going ;)

    ps: i care and share one heh. my baju is from esprit! cheap2 only hehee :D

  9. ur avid reader says:

    kak hana.. my (ex)-friends and i are 25. not that much younger than you are. ;) and we were secondary school friends too. people change i guess. and in this case, for the very worst.

  10. shoogahigh says:

    that’s true, one needs to make a lot of effort to keep the flame burning!

    and the fact that we always (alwaysalwaysalways) have so much fun when we’re out together, makes us look forward to planning the next get-together, however crazy one another’s schedule is.

    all that girl trouble in our 20s? bygones. we learn and move on. maybe there’s hope yet for other girls. :)

  11. yati says:

    I agree to with avid reader….

    Not really 31..age doesnt really matter at all when it comes to friendship…I got a friend..ex-friend i should say…she keep on pestering me to do things that I dont think im prepare nor ready….but when come to her new blogger friends, the reason she gave ohhhh they are still young to ‘advise’ them… baru pasal ‘advise’….so same I call it quit too….

    Hi esah….kalau kita ja yang make the effort to make the friendship going whereas the other party tak…pun tak menjadi juga…mcm tepuk sebelah tangan tak bunyi…ha gitu lah bunyinya….

  12. esah says:

    ya la of course it takes two.. but if the other party always not keen or show no interest, gi lah mampos lol! best is to have friends who are easy going.. and no feelings of trying to outdo one another :D

  13. hana says:

    i hagree with the gi mampos part, lol! ;P
    the best is to move on…

  14. pseudochic says:

    i wonder when will girls stop being so mean. my ex-friends are extremely good at manipulating the situation and pointing out my bad points or mistakes and in turn make themselves look as victims and me, the trouble-maker. so much so that one person can turn the entire group against me, 3 or 4 against me alone. but i still bother to be friends with them coz we started way back since secondary school and i simply can’t let go of the friendship.

    up till the point when they sorta ruined my mood on my very own engagement day with sarcasms and blatant remarks, i dah tak buey tahan liao i decided to bid them goodbye. but honestly, i really wish they aren’t that mean and will look at things with perspective, then maybe things won’t turned out so bad.

    77-clan is so damn lucky i must say! kudos to u ladies!

  15. lia says:

    yah. I agree Hana! MOVE on then.
    Just forget them. Go look for better friends! haha.
    Why keep holding on to what makes you sad…?

  16. Fina says:

    Ehem.. Am I oso the sister you never had..? Am I..? Am I..? Hehehehe..!!

    My take is, if you’re true friends you’ll always be friends NO MATTER WHAT. Friends always forgive & forget mah.. Takan ahh pasal taik pun nak gadoh sampai tak bebual langsong.. Dun make sense to me. The best is take all sarcasm & “laser” comments with a pinch of salt..Some people their mouth works faster then the brain u see. :p

  17. pseudochic says:

    hahaha.. pasal taik nak gadoh eh… ish kalau sampai dah cakap “eh kau tak jadi kawan aku pun bagus ah. its better to have you out of my life” after 10 yrs of being friends, i think dah obvious ah the hint.

    but its ok lah. like what lia said, MOVE ON. real friends won’t even say all that even if their brain is dead slower than their mouth. :D

  18. hana says:

    lol! yahh, girls tend to be more sensitip hor? tercakap sikit pon mau putus tali, main geng tak geng, delete dari blog list, etc… ;p
    izad thinks we girls are weird, lol!

    ps: ye lah pina, ako kan your unofficial, self-appointed ‘kakak-kakak’ adviser to you, hurhur. the little sister i neber had! you want to borrow my clothes and makeup? come, come!

  19. lennie says:

    hahahahha.. i agree with izad! some girls/women ARE weird.. eh but ah not only WOMEN/GIRLS.. some men also tau!

    to make a friendship works needs effort on both sides.. its always best to be honest & to clarify any doubts u haf or heard.. & sometimes i feel that u get much closer to each other aft some misunderstandings! cos den u feel u know the person much better and u both knew that it IS indeed true friends when u take the effort to rectify the matter and clear the air to salvage the friendship that u both treasure..

    some ppl yang ashik tukar tukar kawan i think its time to realise that the problem is probably U!

  20. hana says:

    hmm… takpe lah, forgip and forget… tak baik bear grudges ni sumer. hari raya mintak maap k? hehe! :p

  21. Fina says:

    LOLOL.. Ya lor pasal taik can gadoh u noe.. geng tak geng ni mcm primary school ahh..

    I agree with lenn ahh. It’s better to hear it from the person itself rather then dengar cakap orang. When you’re friends for so long you’re bound to step on each other toes, it’s how you deal with it. Of course if its SO obvious they cannot be your friend then why bother kan.. Like hana say move on lor..

    & yes please..!! I NAK pinjam baju..!! LOLOL But cannot pinjam seluar lor pasal my butt is bigger then yours.. *faints*

  22. hana says:

    ahh spoken like a good lil sister (ie. your butt being being bigger than mine, ha ha!)… ya ya butter me up eh…

  23. Fina says:

    *pinch hana butt*

  24. yati says:

    Memang betul cakap esah tu..tu pasal now i dont really give a damn to that friend of mine…ya betul berkawan cincai..easy going..kan senang…benda senang kok di cari susah….ok ok maybe my ‘life’ of friends are not as good as you keep it up and treasure whatever u guys have…yang penting dont be so sensitive….its better to be straightforward, agree with me??

    lenny yang some ppl suka tukar2 kawan tu bukannya apa…they dah ‘jelak’ lah kawan dgn same person bertahun2….mcm baju juga need a change of fashion hehehhehe

  25. syasya says:

    hay kak hana, ur baju is so classy & lawa…u looking so glowy even when pregnant eh. ape secret nye! and btw, its awesome to have a very long term gfsss clan…i hope me & my 3 fav gfs will stay as long as how u & ur 3 gfs are now… :)

    hav a great day ahead! :)

  26. hana says:

    errr takde secret lah… just try to look presentable when u’re preg so you feel good. :)

  27. syasya says:

    yeah yeah true… anyway, congrats ya! take care!

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