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the sisters i never had. (coz i’m deprived like that.)


for their teary calls late that night, their hugs, their girly company, for being there.

and for ‘luring’ me out for our traditional “AGM”, i needed it. :)

ps: on another happy note, congrats to the neos on the arrival of another Tahui Boy! one more ‘brudder’ for aniq’s future clan hehe.


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i wonder how much one-on-one time i’ll have with him when the baby comes out.


staying home for the past week with him has been good. he listens better, speaks better, behaves better.

i’m sure my maternity leave won’t be as idyllic as the time we have together now. my energy and attention will be spent on another more demanding person! will there still be outings to the park, strolls at the airport, bus rides to the library? gawd, i really hope so. i don’t want to shortchange this little one.


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