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i used to visit the cemetery with my brothers and father every friday after prayers at masjid sultan to maintain my mum’s and other late family members’ graves, as well as to recite prayers. however, since aniq was born, i have been going less frequently. i decided to bring him along on friday, the day after hari raya haji. it was his first time visiting his late grandma’s grave. she has been gone almost six years now.

first stop, late grandma's grave

he always enjoys being in the company of his uncles and yai. he was comfortable despite the sombre atmosphere and weather. he helped pluck out the weeds, sprinkle the flowers, and brought smiles to an otherwise dreary place.

flower boy aniq with unkle emi helping out with the flowers aniq and his favourite grandpa

and who knew he was going to visit it again the very next day, this time to bury another grandparent…


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it’s been a surreal day, but don’t worry, we got through it ok.

i guess we’ve been prepared for it for some time, you know? it’s been a long-drawn-out battle, after all, and there was little else we could do when one’s body deteriorates like so. once again, thank you for all your thoughts and concern. (and especially to those who dropped by, we really appreciate it!)

aidiladha, the day before his passing, we had the opportunity to qurban two sheep for him. a last minute thing arranged by a close family friend.

believe it or not, it was my first time looking at sheep at the mosque and collecting the meat. don’t ask me why, i was never asked to go before! i didn’t get to witness the actual act, though. most of the animals sacrificed were already hung up and the fleece were being stripped off them.


this boy, on the other hand, is luckier. my, what round eyes you have there! i do wonder what goes on in his head when he saw all those baa baas without any heads.


we still have some administrative things to do over the next few days. not even sure what they are or how to go about them. guess we’ll have to figure them out along the way, with help and advice from family members (especially izad).

yeah, this IS also my first time at this, after all.

in the meantime…

watch your hands, mister!



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