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Man with Womb = Woman

Bat with Womb = Wombat?

(ah, the things an idle mind produces…)

somebody, help me!

*counts the seconds till holidays begin*

ok let me think of something to distract myself.

to-do list says: ‘buy xmas gift for $10 to exchange at year-end party’.

how come during hari raya nobody has a party to exchange small envelopes with money ah? ok ok, nevermind.

was thinking of conjuring a gift hamper courtesy of items from those $2-dollar shops, like Daiso. hmm, clothes pegs… Magic sponge… mini manicure set… large bag of twisties… how much is that already? ok, let’s throw in a seat cushion. i sure could do with one myself here. butt is definitely sore from all this sitting in front of the computer. and coming up with loser $10 gift hampers.

can i just give a small envelope with money?


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