inspired by grissom after watching an episode of CSI where he dispensed trivia about the origins of bridesmaids and bridegrooms, i set out to find the origins of baby showers. however, i didn’t manage to find any interesting historical stories, except that it’s part of an americal culture, like… MTV?, which has since permeated to this part of the earth, and embraced by our generation of party-loving people. :)

(oh, and by the way, the role of bridesmaids is traditionally to act as a ‘shield’ to ward off evil spirits lurking around at wedding ceremonies, and bridegrooms dress up like the groom himself to ‘confuse’ them evil spirits, in case they get nasty and decide to, i don’t know, possess the groom into screaming out “i don’t!” at the altar or something. cool huh? like power rangers protecting the wedded couple liddat. only in better outfits. ok, i’ve been watching way too much kids central.)

so aaanyway, as i was saying, where there’s an occasion where food and girly fun is involved, you betcha i’m in! (coz really, we need as many excuses as we can to stuff our faces and leave the husbands at home, preferably with the kids.)

diaper cake candy-filled socks it's a girl!
can you tell it’s going to be a girl? no??

more than that, it’s rallying around the mum-to-be (whether it’s her first, or fourth kid!) for support as she enters the final lap of that arduous nine-month journey called gestation, and showering her with the last bit of attention before the baby comes out and all eyes would then be solely set on the cute, crying, screaming bundle of joy. honestly, don’t you mums out there feel like you get sidelined and practically ignored the moment you’ve squeezed every ounce of your being in labour? hey, we need some lurving and celebrating for ourselves too, dammit!

so as you can see, i like the idea of baby showers, nevermind that we’ve pilfered it from western culture, and i’m glad that i had that memorable experience once myself too. (how can i forget that girl-on-girl kissing game?? lol!) ;)

good luck and have a safe delivery… insyaallah.

now, who’s next?? *rubs hands in glee* babies popping out everywhere, you know!

8 Responses to “of diaper cakes and candy-filled socks”
  1. misa says:

    the diaper cake is lovely!!! diaper cakes is the in thing now…went to my collegues’ baby showers, and everyone is doing this….this is a great website for baby diapers ideas:

    and so nice that everyone is doing handmade craftwork for shir, cos if i’m not mistaken, from what i know from my colleagues here, the newborn babies and the parents were presented with various types of HANDMADE gifts….

    since baby shower is from the western culture…errr…lenggang perut will be the malay tradition? hihi!

  2. hana says:

    yeah it is, and i’m inspired!
    i think the lady whose idea originated from (in america, where else) started it as a SAHM-based biz, and had it featured on SATC. wow.
    malay culture eh… boleh jugak, lenggang perut, urut urut, mandi bunga… lol! ok gak…

  3. aprima says:

    yea lah… the diaper cake was a very creative hand-made gift. misa, thanks for the link. the ‘cakes’ there look so lovely!!

    speaking of creativity, i just watched martha steward show this morning showing baby ‘chrismas roast turkey’ costume hand-made by Isabelle. …

  4. Ayu says:

    Gosh!! The diaper cake is reli pretty!!!
    And Hana.. ur new hairdo rocks!

  5. hana says:

    oh tu rambut gara-gara mid-life crisis… lol! thanks!

    wah aprima, got time to watch martha stewart in the mornings eh! cet!

  6. diah says:

    wah best yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. the diaper cake, esp!

    and reen, i recognize that top! your niece’s top kan? ;p

  7. Shaz says:

    what a pretty pink baby shower. =)

    another american practice i’d like to see adopted here would be the concept of gift registeries. won’t it be so much easier when shopping for bdays/ wedding/ housewarming/ anniversary gifts etc to just pick a store from a list of stores included in the party invite and ask the store manager what the host registered for? then you can pick a gift for your host that’s within your budget. plus no one would ever again receive similar gifts, unwanted gifts, gifts of the wrong size/ colour/ specification or gifts she’s not ever going to need.

    the element of ‘surprise’ will still be there i.e. as the party host, you’ll never know who’s going to buy you which item you’ve listed on the stores’ gift registeries!

  8. hana says:

    yup, i think only a few shops currently offer gift registering right now, it hasn’t caught on!
    i guess coz for weddings, it’s still tradition to give money packets (we love that, don’t we!).
    would be good for housewarmings though.
    when we moved, we sorta had a housewarming party where friends were requested to come with cushions since many didnt know what to get us anyway. i luv cushions! :)

    yah diah, apa kata u buat lagi satu sharleez? i ‘bake’ one for you! betol tak bedek. you want chocolate fudge in it oso can! :D

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