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it’s nice to hear updates on his progress from someone other than mum. i don’t talk to them often since i don’t send him there myself everyday, but i know i can call anytime, like a few nights ago, which is nice.

coz now i know where he got the word “rainbow” from, along with the other songs and stories he participates in, the antics he gets up to, the friends he interacts with daily.


i also got an update on adam, who has a HEYUUGE crush on this chinese girl, whom he apparently looks at all adoringly and doe-eyed when she comes in the morning, lol! adam’s terribly shy, though, so he NEVER talks to her, which got her to conclude to their teacher: “adam cannot talk.” so, the teacher tried to get her to talk to him instead, and well, she attempted all right!

without success, i might add. now, let me try to recreate the scene. ahem…

girl: do you want some? (referring to her cereal at the dining table)
boy: *nods*
girl: can you say ‘please’? say ‘please’? please?? (continues pleading)
boy: *zips mouth*
girl: (to teacher again) adam cannot talk.

alamak, so cute can die!

of course, adam can talk very well, VERY VERY well, in fact. and count and read. but cute girls are a different ball game altogether, huh, hunny? :p


i’m not sure which one she is but i think she’s the one on the far right, coz i’ve seen him sitting next to her a few times when i dropped by. addendum: (from dadam himself) “the girl on the far right is chloe not sharmaine.” oops, my bad! lol!

my little one, on the other hand, is busy pursuing different ‘interests’ at the moment, like occasionally assisting the teacher to lay out the breakfast cutlery, and matching coloured beads with disastrous results (teachers end up vacuuming the floor), and doing the skinnymarinkydoo, and well, other stuff.

next year, fees will rise, which kinda makes me choke and cough a little.

so just how much has he benefitted from this daily, two-and-a-half-hourly experience?

i can see the pros, of course. for one thing, it keeps him busy for that part of the morning when his mind and body is freshest, most active and receptive. i’m still not keen on keeping him cooped up at home all day with little else to do except watch tv and play with his few toys (coz mum refuses to have her house littered with them), that’s for sure. mum is around in the mornings but she leaves for the hospital during the kids’ afternoon naps to visit the dad. so that leaves only the helper as his companion and ‘conversationalist’ for the rest of the afternoon, which is ok, but, you know, if only she could do more than just give custodial care. too much to ask for from a helper? well, of course. they do go by specific instructions, after all.

so ARE we asking too much, we working mums? i guess so. it’s all that guilt for having to be away from them for a good part of the day that makes us question how much we are really doing for our kids. sure sure, he’ll be ok and will grow up normal and fine and all, just like most of us with working mums did.

it’s just that… you simply can’t help but wonder if you’re doing enough. you know? :S


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i have a very “on” bunch of aunts on my mum’s side, and on the rare occasion that one particular ‘prodigal’ aunt flies down from her brisbane home for a holiday here with her two kids to see their aged grandma and grandpa, they’d always attempt to get everyone together for a photo-taking session. coz everytime, it’s always in mind that it could be the last that the complete family gathers under one roof, and the last opportunity we’d have to take a picture with our two elderly for posterity.

it was, to say the least, GAMAT. :D

the first and second generation

the Jumari family photo-taking session
the third generation of grandchildren (two more girls cut off on the right) – i TOLD ya we have too many boys!

Jumari cicits
the fourth generation of great-grandsons – see, what’d i tell ya, MORE boys!

i think that’s the nice thing about having a big family like my mum’s – the “on-ness”. eight siblings, eight individuals, eight nuclear families, one solid foundation.

being in a two-sibling family, i can see the vast difference in our own lack of “on-ness” compared to theirs. perhaps because they’re older, their solidarity forged from growing up and playing together, fending and looking out for one another, helping out each other in times of need, simply surviving hard times together. or perhaps because we come from a different generation, us who more or less grew up in an individualistic, self-sufficient environment, with little or no crises to test our strengths.

i’m quite sure we won’t be able to churn out as many kids as our grandparents did in their time, it’s certainly not possible given our current age and, well, lifestyle. but as few as our own children will be, i hope they’ll grow up being “on”, always remembering their old farty parents, who used to bring them to many exciting places and do many exciting things with and for them, like throwing nice little parties on their birthdays. :p


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so our OB or detailed scan came and went, last thursday, at eastshore, as per the last time.

the young radiographer asked if i was excited as i climbed on to the bed. i said i was scared.

scared to confirm the gender, that is!

i mean, yeah the doc already more or less gave his opinion four weeks ago that it looked like it’ll be a girl, and then i hear all these stories about how mothers were lulled into thinking they were having a girl for all of nine months then BAM! out comes a boy.

anyway, the scan began, and it was quite nice seeing the little one, live, on screen. the head, the heart, the kidneys, the trunk, etc etc etc… then the part with the cute exposed butt.

“there, can you see the ‘hamburger’?” she said, as she typed in “XX” on the keyboard.

now, if it weren’t for a conversation just a few days before with len about her baby, i would NOT have the slightest clue what the heck a ‘hamburger’ was, other than the very edible (and delicious) mackers kind. as it turns out, it is a well-established singaporean lingo, this word ‘hamburger’, in the obgyn circle, to refer to a baby girl’s vajayjay.

right, a single meat patty in between two buns. how inventive an euphemism. :p

so, phew. now we can tell people with a *little* more certainty of the baby’s gender, as i once again count my incredible luck at beating the odds against repeatedly reproducing the male species.

and once again, i count my blessings at how this body of mine is amazingly capable of performing such a miracle as creating and carrying an entire human being with a rapidly beating heart within.


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