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as if two airport terminals, plus a budget one, aren’t enough, yet another has sprung up at warp speed.

changi airport T3 is HEYUGE. like, really. something like the size of 63 football fields, according to the tour guide.

hard rock within the transit area "eh-pen!"
"abang!" the Green Wall

yeah, there’s even a tour of it, or rather, the transit area, at $3 per pax, courtesy of the staff welfare fund (coz i sure as heck wouldn’t pay for it myself.) so a group of us tagged along the guide like japanese tourists, including family members, like mum and the little one.

looks like it’s set to be a tourist attraction in itself, with a whole bunch of retail shops slated to open, and even a transit hotel for travellers’ convenience. it’s supposedly ‘green’, with the special roof design and other ‘natural’ features using tropical greenery and waterfalls, koi gardens, etc. mum felt the place looked a bit dull though, i guess coz we’re so used to seeing bushes of pink bougainvilleas sprouting around the other terminals to liven up the place.

there was talk about the chairs being VERY expensive, so we all made sure we sat on them, heh. there was something about the toilets in the transit area having a one-way mirror thingy where those inside can see people milling around outside. they weren’t ready yet in any case, though erm, i’m sure that would be quite useful for some people. :p and there was also something apparently special about the carpet design, though i have no idea why, coz all i saw were boring black and brown zigzag lines. maybe i need to get myself aesthetically updated. :S oh, and there was a butterfly park, with no butterflies yet, but i’m not sure how the butterflies would like being in such close proximity to the roaring engines of airplanes. or maybe butterflies are deaf. how many would escape and be caught in the plane propellers, i wonder.

i obviously wasn’t paying very much attention coz there were lots of other ‘tours’ being conducted concurrently, so we couldn’t hear the guide very well, and i was trying to keep an eye on the little one as well, who was like a monkey on the loose with so much space to explore and so many people to amuse. and i obviously didn’t do very well coz at mum’s mention of “aeroplane!”, the little one raaaaaaan (or perhaps he flew) all the way to look at those fascinating “eh-pen!” and his brakes were a little faulty coz ‘THUD!’, he hit his face splat against the glass window like a fly on a windshield, LOL! teros benjol, his forehead. hidung jangan cakap lah, dah memang penyek. anyway, the guide took note that the glass windows weren’t child-friendly enough and if you find barriers or embellishments on them glass windows in future, you have to thank aniq for that.

we didn’t manage to explore the basement, which i heard has candy empire and other shops. but seeing how near and convenient the airport is, we’d definitely pop by again some time for a more leisurely stroll. like, when i feel like having popeye’s biscuits, maybe. or just because there’s nowhere else to go.

coz i love the airport, lor! hey it’s the world’s best airport for good reason, hokay. :p


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