this is a True Story.

overheard in another section of department:

(expletives and exclamations slightly exaggerated for dramatic purposes, but you got the Ninja Turtle right.)

Y + others: HUH?! are you sure??


Y + others: *scramble to look at evidence on record*


they see all kinds of names everyday, these people, and hehe, this must have taken the cake.

or rather, the pepperoni pizza. :p

i wonder what’s his (i’m assuming it’s an unfortunate male child who will grow up being constantly bullied at the playground, become traumatised and mentally scarred for life, and end up a social outcast, forevermore hiding under his “shell”, so to speak) surname – lee? tay? bala? singh? bin mohd?? (to that last, as my mum would say, “selisih kan!”)

some quipped that the actual turtles’ names were much better (and sensible) choices, you know, michaelangelo, donatello, raphael, and errr… (ok, i have a thirty-year-old memory, so help me out here.)

i didn’t dig further to investigate, coz records are just records, it doesn’t say much about the parents’ background (though mother had probably just given birth at IMH, or OD-ed on laughing gas/epidural when she named him, or both). but yeah, we thought there definitely was “something wrong up there”. it’s a miracle that the parents possessed the clear faculties to even submit their child’s records to the said department in the first place.

then again, maybe it was a family member’s last dying wish to name the child Ninja Turtle. like, err, their dead son whose favourite cartoon was of the four sewer heroes. or the father had lost a gambling bet to his drinking kakis just before the child was born, and in his drunken stupor, he honoured the bet, which was to name his newborn child Ninja Turtle. or the parents’ first date was to watch TMNT: The Movie, and they felt it a romantic gesture to name their firstborn after the show’s protagonists.

or clearly, i’m also losing my clear faculties by thinking too much into this.

and now i feel like a pepperoni pizza…

33 Responses to “cowabunga, dude?”
  1. HuS says:

    Hahahhaha! Hana u made me burst out laughing despite the high stress level rite now.

    But frankly….ninja turtle nama anak dia? Biar betul??

  2. hana says:

    that’s what i heard lor… the rest also heard and nobody refuted. mebe confi info, so i didnt delve further!
    but i think there have been other ‘strange’ names among sporeans too.
    like… millionaire or billionaire or something? was in the papers some time ago, heh.

  3. RiN says:


    the things parents do. =x kesian budak tu, surely traumatised. but i know i will laugh like mad if the day comes when my child comes home from first day of school and say, “MUMMY! my friend’s name Ninja Turtle!”


  4. ibu aisyah says:

    hahaah….kesian sey budak tuh. maybe tnp will most likely interview him in future.

  5. huss says:

    i used to work kat call centre and some customers do have weird names. top of my list will be swarovski crystal tan (insert cheena name here) and batman bin suparman (superheroes do breed!). at my old work place which was a private school, one of the students name was wong fei hong and his english name.. MASTER! no kidding!

  6. lyn says:

    eh? are these people for real??? Dorang neber pikir panjang ke? haiyerrrrr..imagine how the child wud feel sey.. kesian budak tu…mcm kena aniaya mentally…hmmm… and the topic of ninja terter does make me wanna get pizza…

  7. liz says:

    tu nak novelty je… yang kena aniaya kan anak dorang, bukannya mak bapak! hehehe… entah-entah in the future ada nama homer simpson (not surprised if there is already, individually it is afterall a common name) or ironman or GRAND SAZER!

    but ninja turtle eh……………………………………………..

  8. zalin says:

    erk? takder ke yang nak taruk nama Optimus Prime?
    Alang2 taruk nama, biar all-out terus…hurhurhur

  9. mahd says:

    ngahahahaha…bleh gitu? isyy….what a weird name!

    by the way, we did apply via the internet but was told to collect personally at ICA :p

  10. Hannah says:

    i watched the show about the million-dollar guy on CNA the other day.
    yang kebab turkey baba rafi or something tu…

    he named his youngest son Ready Enterprise!

  11. switkid says:

    Dat’s totally weird… I had a schoolmate who’ s name is Bright… And I thout that was quite a name!Maybe the delivery room the mom was in was as bright as sabun FAB… And another girl in my centre, called Vera..Nothing weird there but can you imagine, each time her CHEENA mom comes to fetch her and call out..”Ver-Lah… Ver-Lah…!” Duhhh…..
    Anyway… Apa agaknya nama manja budak tu eh…?? Err….Jaja….?? Ter ter…??

  12. hana says:

    hurhur, sib baik dia boleh jugak pronounce V… kalau W, dah jadi Wella… :p

    ready enterprise?? hmm, kalau mr rafi is a star trek fan, dah namakan starship enterprise kot… hehe! mcm mcm! (and i dun even understand what ready enterprise means)

    mohd optimus prime… wuahaaha! sedap jugak eh!
    hmmm… i think if i let aniq choose nama for his future brother, dia mintak sazer x izhan agaknye. original tu!

    tu ah lyn, pizzaaaaa… pizzzaaaa……. pizzzzzaaaaaa! (ni dah jadi mcm homer kempunan donuts)

    ok huss, i think swarovski crytal tan and batman suparman are HILARIOUS!! :D
    apasal tak bvlgari tan ke, tian poh tan ke… patot kena sue for copyright infringement. hehe.

    RiN, you must be a huge turtle fan, hurhurr. i testing jerr… but i think by the time u have a kid, dah lain cartoon lah lagi hot…. spongebob will be considered a ‘classic’ by then!

    i hope tnp will investigate lor, then we can all find out if this is indeed real or a hoax, hahaa!

  13. liz says:

    kalau nak TNP investigate, tepon hotline je! i think dapat handphone free kan???

  14. Aunty Nur says:

    ok, i dunno how this is going to be related to this topic. but overheard during my school’s parent-teacher meeting a couple of days ago, a sec 1 malay boy apparently calls his mum Darling instead of ibu, mummy, mama, mak, umi, etc. weird sey…

  15. hana says:

    ouh, darling? either dia ikut ikut bapak dia panggil mak dia gitu, or ni kes oedipus complex habis…

    tip off tnp dapat handfone?? biar benar. camni i nak buat citer scandal ah…

  16. aliyah says:

    kesian si ninja turtle….nanti kawan2 panggil dia hey! turtle….u walk like turtle….
    esp during pre-school and pri school kawan2 skolah semua notty2…

    my colleagues in cheena lagik kelakar…pasal company byk mat salleh, jadik nak sebut nama cheena2 susah
    ia jadi satu kemestian mesti ada nama engglish. nak tau apa nama2 mereka pilih?
    -love, kiss, nemo, windy, cicy (kissy), gackt, finoa, hill, melon (water jer takde…kalo ada da jadi watermelon), push-ica,
    forest, purps, hugo boss, swallow, ….wahhh!! i can go on and on sia….ngahahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. misa says:

    ehhhh, ninja turtle???!!!! for real?! :O

    i kenal someone…dia nak namakan anak dia according to X, Y, Z….

    so here goes…fasten your seatbelt….


    my sister’s friend namakan anak dia Batrisya (and I thot that’s a nice and decent name with a good meaning), pastu kawan-kawan dia start calling her “battery”! *sigh*

  18. misa says:

    ehhhh, ninja turtle???!!!! for real?! :O

    i kenal someone…dia nak namakan anak dia according to X, Y, Z….

    so here goes…fasten your seatbelt….

    Yisabel (Isabelle)
    Zabrina (Sabrina)

    my sister’s friend namakan anak dia Batrisya (and I thot that’s a nice and decent name with a good meaning), pastu kawan-kawan dia start calling her “battery”! *sigh*

  19. hana says:

    ehhh abis kalau dia ada anak lagi camne? what comes after Z??
    camni i kena ada 26 anaks, since mine started with A… =O

    wah aliyah, nama nama hebat tu… abis, ur engrish name plak apa??

  20. saly says:


    nowsadays their engrish name is pretty power.

    But then if the ppl to pronounce it is very the rabak to start with, beutiful names will come out ridikulus :)heheh

    One of my boy’s classmate has a beautiful name Rebin Erfan.. but the cheena teacher & even more cheena classmates called him Rabbit for short!..


  21. hana says:

    ouhh kalau makcik-makcik, sure panggil dia “reben” as in ribbon… i can also imagine notty kids calling him ‘ribena’. :S
    however nice we mean for a name to sound originally, kalau unique sikit, sure orang make fun of!
    senang kasi ‘classic’ names, tapi boring ah… :)

  22. zalin says:

    eh betul ah…
    my BIL slalu panggil hawra apa tau?
    As in that final fantasy punya lagu, miraei tu.

    orang macam nak mati kasi nama punyala lawa, sedap2 je dia panggil Hora.
    Hora la..horey la..

  23. hana says:

    so lemme geddit rite, hawra is “how-ra”, rite? vair unique, camne u discover/create ni nama? i pon nak tangkap skill jugak…

  24. aries says:

    err talking abt names…
    kat centre ni banyak nama aneh2 jugak..
    once upon a time ada this girl nama Baby dot dot dot..
    can u imagine ppl calling her baby even when she’s like ermmm say 40s??

    dulu kat skool i selalu kena panggil ariston.. siap dgn rhyme lagik..=(

  25. hana says:

    ariston? and on? and on? :D alahh kesiannye aries! i still think ur name is cool lor, senang ingat ur bday month! unique. kalau i, err, nursagittarius… sungguh tak on.
    takpe takpe, now u can make fun of other kids’ names plak kan? i think u SURE see a lot of strange ones now! hehee.

  26. zalin says:

    aah yes…pronunciation is how-ra.
    me & the husband had to ‘bukak kitab2 lama’ masa zaman uni dulu to find this name ..hehe

  27. ninja says:

    who’s calling me?

  28. aprima says:

    Kesian nye budak tu kena panggil Ninja Turtle :-( And I thought my friend kasi nama anak dia Juvi Kiedis (mak dia kemarok Anothony Kiedis from RHCP) was weird enough for fear that budak2 naughty will call him “Chikedis-kedis” (eh, tak tau spell pulak) y’know that keropok/snack like twistees?

    Btw, pat my workplace ada satu lelaki filipino ni mak dia kasi nama “Augustus Caesar” sebab born in August by C-section :D

  29. hana says:

    chikadees lah, sedap! eh, but apasal juvi?? tu kan short form for budak-budak nakal masok jel…. or dia tak tau spell bon jovi ehhh??

    ninja, was it u who sent the form to the dept?? :p

  30. lervme says:

    talking bout the cheena having english names… at where i’m working (NUS), i have cheena students with names as weird as wind, pink, apple, brain, phil clinton…..

    and abt the name batrisyia.. my niece was given that name.. & her mum called her bat.. which i think trisyia would sound nicer… and recently she called her batric (thats how i heard it sounds like) and when asked the little girl of her name.. she would say “battery” to which my dotter (of the same age as her) would respond “eh… battery kan yg kta dlm control tv”
    hur.. hur..

  31. aliyah says:

    hana….nama2 engrish utk org2 di negeri china ajer. di sini tak payah pakai nama engrish pasal nama2 org di spura lebih mudah sebut. kalo i punya nama pon no problem….paling2 kalo nak letak engrish i adopt this name from aliyah to Ally ….. ;-)

    topik pasal nama ni bagus jugak eh…..tak sangka byk weird names around.
    ada org namakan anaknya Xena (sounds like zina…. =O)

  32. aprima says:

    maklumlah dah lama tak makan chikadees spelling pon tak ingat :D. Hmm, dunno pulak why she chose juvi, my guess is it’s a combination of her and her husband’s nickname…:-|

  33. jane says:

    sally.for your info,Rebin is the boy’s granfather’s name.Anak kecil tu keponakan saya,Yai dia dah lama meninggal dunia semasa ayahnya baru abis sekolah jadi dia tak kenal siapa datuk dia..Nama tu diterapkan pada nama cucu lelaki k’luarga itu. supaya nama keluarga tu dapat diteruskan …tak salahkan…org2 yg square saja tak dpt nak menghargai satu2 nama yg diberikan…nama ank2 girl saya bermula dgn seri…supaya indah baik sentiasa…dan yg lelaki dgn khai….tak payahlah glamour mudah2an baik sentiasa

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