i was tickled when i got hold of this last week, and i think i’ve just about gotten over it. hehe.

it doesn’t look like much to you veteran parents whose children have probably brought home a hundred of such things home, but it’s one of those milestones which i never expected, it kinda sneaks up on you like a pleasant surprise and leaves a grin on your face despite yourself.

i mean, my toddler, who not so long ago was a tiny little bundle whose chief concerns were being fed and dry, now being sent home his artwork (or whatever small scribbly part that was his own doing anyway!) AND a progress report – that’s just… SURREAL, to say the least.

i guess there’s also this sense of wonder that he can do all that – and who knows what else – in the hours we’re apart, being his own separate person, creating his own experiences, that i don’t have the luxury to share with or witness. (i’m still quite amused by the ‘skinnamarinky-dinky-dink-i-love-you’ thing, wuahuahaa. i admit, i is so the jakun, i am, i’m sorry.)

i showed his handiwork to him and asked what he did, and he zigzaged the air vigorously to indicate he’d coloured it, all the while trying to earnestly explain to me in his own ‘foreign language’.

and i get that. you know how only mothers can incredulously ‘translate’ and make sense of their children’s gibberish and seemingly random actions to others?

well, that’s me now.

most of the times, anyway.


ps: ouh, for all those enthusiasts and militants out there, recently recruited or otherwise, here’s the latest attempt at beating the record for simultaneous b/feeding. hope the turnout’s better this time round… ;)

world breastfeeding week 2007

24 Responses to “the importance of being earnest”
  1. diah says:

    9 to 1? aiyah like that cannot go to break Guinness World Record!! :(

  2. diah says:

    aniq’s lion is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! roarrrrrr.

  3. mahd says:

    awwwwwww…aniq can draw already!

  4. yanty says:

    i truly understand how u feel hana :)
    it’s every parent’s joy to witness the milestone in their child’s progress, isn’t it?

  5. irris says:

    Pandai Aniq draw..macam mummy dia jugak :D

    Time to send adam to school! Hehe, baru nak turn 3 mths next week insya-Allah. Time flies eh!

  6. hana says:

    yah, timing’s a bit off this year coz many are working this wednesday, eh?
    and aniq roars back at you, unty diah! (err, but not too fiercely, coz bakal mak mertua.)

    haha no lah mahd, you call that drawing? it’s more like exercising his arm and pencil grip. :D

    yep yanty, i think every parent would have this mushy “awww” feeling at every new thing their kids do… until the dozenth time, then it’s like, tak heran! oops… hee. but hmm, maybe we could clear the fridge door space for a mini ‘art gallery’…

  7. hana says:

    insyaallah, nani! suka conteng macam mak dia, suka errr, gadget macam bapak dia, lol!
    and weii, u nak hantar adam pergi sekolah apa?! backflips and crawling tu sumer tak payah diajar pon, hehee.

  8. hetty says:

    wow aniq brings home art work already? so cute. i cant imagine when my turn comes. my son meniarap pun i already turned into a puddle of goo (dunno y but felt like it was the first sign of him being independent)
    over here also theyre having that bfeeding-thon thinggy but its a weekday so cant go. :)

  9. hana says:

    hi hetty! hehe, it’s quite a funny thought, a baby (!) bringing home artwork eh, hehe…
    ouhh where’s your bfthon held?

  10. Muneera says:

    just a random blog reader…but i was walking in orchard the other day and saw this ad poster for a “best breastfed baby” contest. i figured since ur into the whole breatfeeding thing…that u mite wanna check it out

    ……that’s if u haven’t already heard about it…….

  11. hana says:

    thanks, muneera. dont think we qualify anymore, weaned off a few mths ago. :) but how observant u are.. shd be eyeing the clothes and shoes in orchard rd instead of such posters!

  12. mardiana says:

    awww how sweet of Aniq to present his mummy with the lion. hehe cute arr.
    i was browsing back your backdated entries in your blog archives. gee, Aniq’s grown up so fast.
    Is it just me or rather really kids of our generation today are growing up so fast?
    Ahaks and I’m all feeling the jitters for my lil girl who’ll be turning 1, come this 31st Aug. :)
    wonder what new tricks will she have in store for her Ibu. lol.

  13. yanty says:

    ape pulak fridge door… i’m sure u can allocate a small corner in his room & call it “Aniq’s Hall of Fame” ;)

  14. hana says:

    hmm, good idea, though the walls in his room are already quite full, can still squeeze in an “Art Gallery” i think! tx!

    heyy! di, laila has the same birthday as uncle izad lah, 31 aug! merdeka! :D

  15. Red Herring says:

    You don’t remember the song ’skinnamarinky-dinky-dink-i-love-you’ ke? That was a song out of a program from our zaman kanak-kanak. Hee..

    Lerr.. that breastfeeding event is TODAY and I have a gig! (I’ve no clue how to begin weaning and as much as I need to do so to expand my sideline, I’m feeling a tad reluctant. Aiyah…)

  16. hana says:

    i remember the song, but from where eh?? neway, it’s funny seeing him do the actions, lol!
    as for weaning, it’s an emotional decision, hor? but once u made up your mind, must be firm lah. takes a bit of cunning on ur side too, to distract him! :)

  17. Muneera says:

    hahaha when u go to orchard all the time…u see the same things each time..i start to look at things normally not there. ull be surprised abt what u catch…

    but just too bad. y’all would’ve made the perfect contestants ;)

    keep bloggin’. love reading it

  18. hana says:

    heh, i thot the interesting things to see in town would be the people… thanks! am still deciding whether to go town or vivo today… hmm….

  19. Idasie says:

    Aniq for sure is doing well in school. Mesti boleh blend in and do his work well. Hehe! I miss doing the Parents Teacher Meeting. LOL! Neway, I think I saw u, ur hubby & aniq at M1 Tampines few weeks back. LOL! I remembered Aniq caught my eyes as he was being carried by his daddy. But I didnt see u. LOL! Hope to bump into u again… :)

  20. hana says:

    M1 tampines? hmm… ouhhh i think i was in another shop at the time lah tu. selalu pegi tamp eh? yah, bump into us ok! kuat kuat tau!

  21. Idasie says:

    Me seldom go there unless I wanna buy something. But kebetulan it was just a day after I got married and celebrating the husband’s bday, he nak buy something at M1 and I saw Aniq but didn’t see u pulak. LOL! Nanti next time I terbump into u all, I bump kuat-kuat…hehehe! But before that I pekik… “Mak Aniqqqq!!!” :P

  22. Muneera says:

    hahaah i think vivo is a MESS! i feel lost just standing at the entrance. and those sparkly flecks in the tiles is enuf to blind me upon entrance. hahaha but i usually just head straight to PageOne to buy architecture books :)

    i need to venture to more neighborhood malls so getaway from the bustling city. hur hur.

  23. hana says:

    yah, actually, just thinking of vivo now makes me pening.
    neighbourhood malls pon happening ok!

  24. Muneera says:

    ahah so i’ve heard…..sungguh happening! i come back once a yr and there’s always a new neighborhood mall pple are talking about…

    i like causeway point myself….but jurong point closer to me :) both ader banquet. wee!

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