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i was tickled when i got hold of this last week, and i think i’ve just about gotten over it. hehe.

it doesn’t look like much to you veteran parents whose children have probably brought home a hundred of such things home, but it’s one of those milestones which i never expected, it kinda sneaks up on you like a pleasant surprise and leaves a grin on your face despite yourself.

i mean, my toddler, who not so long ago was a tiny little bundle whose chief concerns were being fed and dry, now being sent home his artwork (or whatever small scribbly part that was his own doing anyway!) AND a progress report – that’s just… SURREAL, to say the least.

i guess there’s also this sense of wonder that he can do all that – and who knows what else – in the hours we’re apart, being his own separate person, creating his own experiences, that i don’t have the luxury to share with or witness. (i’m still quite amused by the ‘skinnamarinky-dinky-dink-i-love-you’ thing, wuahuahaa. i admit, i is so the jakun, i am, i’m sorry.)

i showed his handiwork to him and asked what he did, and he zigzaged the air vigorously to indicate he’d coloured it, all the while trying to earnestly explain to me in his own ‘foreign language’.

and i get that. you know how only mothers can incredulously ‘translate’ and make sense of their children’s gibberish and seemingly random actions to others?

well, that’s me now.

most of the times, anyway.


ps: ouh, for all those enthusiasts and militants out there, recently recruited or otherwise, here’s the latest attempt at beating the record for simultaneous b/feeding. hope the turnout’s better this time round… ;)

world breastfeeding week 2007


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