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anyone has the answer as to why little children get a huge kick out of the classic game of “cak!”?

it is, very funny, according to them.

maybe not so much to the daddies. who were more into, ahem, “deep and serious adult conversation”.

well, they were exchanging ghost stories, actually. hurhur.

the next day, they had more “deep, serious adult conversations”, over their camera tripods… while the mak-maks and anak-anaks were abandoned in the fireworks-crazed crowd to fend for themselves!

where’s diddy? what are those creepy, glowing things floating in the air?

and more importantly, why is mummy carrying someone else?!

the fireworks, of course, were luvly. we are SO going to the fireworks festival next month lor. but, err, you all don’t go eh, so there’ll be more space for us ok, thank you very much.


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