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it’s been slightly over a week since he started going to ‘school’, and so far, his oma has made him ‘ponteng’ twice – once due to bad weather, and the other for waking up late (him, not his oma, hehe).

otherwise, she reports that he looks forward to going in the morning. at the mention of the word ‘school’, he’d bring out his backpack and water bottle, and INSIST that someone send him, pronto!

feedback from the teacher is that he’s “coping very well”, and “still busy checking out the toys and materials”, which i take to mean that he’s still menggelitis as ever around the classroom and making a right mess! :D she also said that he enjoys music lessons and participates willingly, which i take to mean that he likes to boogie-woogie with everyone else during circle time.

the moment he gets home, again according to his oma’s reports, he’d be famished and would gobble down his lunch like he hadn’t eaten for days. his daytime nap pattern has also adjusted such that he gets sleepy earlier at night and falls asleep faster (next day must wake up early to go to school mahhh). which means, more time in the evening for his parents to pursue their own ‘interests’, hehe. (i’m still reading That Book, ok, so no spoilers please!)

mum doesnt really enjoy the sending back and forth, though, cos she can’t handle crossing the roads with two kids and dealing with their squabbles at the same time. i think that’s the downside for now, though she has the helper with her.

times like these when i feel guilty for not being a sahm to do all these… mothering duties myself. well, not that sending him to playgroups or whatever activities i’d want to send him to in future is even necessary in the first place, but well, we all have our own reasons for wanting to do things for our children, even if it means at the expense of others.

selfish lot, aren’t we, working mums? :S


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