wahlao eh.

i was trying to google on how to become a certified lactation consultant (yet another one of my whimsical angan-angan ambitions) when i clicked on http://www.family.sg/PREGNANCY and…


there greeted my eyes, my once-upon-a-time about-to-explode tummy! anjat gegerl.

hmm, is that a sign or something…? *chuckles*

anyway, continuing my search, there IS an int’l board of lactation consultant which does certification. you’d have to go through a course and then an exam (!) which comprises of 200 multiple choice questions. you’re also required to have a health professional background, but “personal breastfeeding experience, wonderful as it is, does not meet this requirement”.

darn. there goes my chance to be an official Tek-nician or Tek-nical troubleshooter.

haiyah. moving on.

my organisation emails us summaries of articles from various sources on a regular basis, and i sent one of interest to the Bapaknye.

What kids get from with dads: ‘Father functions’ have lasting impact; no need for Mr. Mom

Growing research shows that fathers can have a distinct impact on children beyond that of mothers even though they often spend less time with their children. Although both mothers and fathers can stimulate children through the same psychological processes, mothers can only do so much; fathers have an additional impact because they tend to behave differently with children.

Studies show that:

- Fathers tend to engage kids in more rough-and-tumble play. This fosters their children’s curiosity and teaches their children to regulate emotion and enjoy surprises.
- There is a link between fathers’ warm, stimulating play with their 2-year-olds and better language and cognitive skills in the children a year later, independent of mothers’ behavior. The effect endures into adolescence.
- Fathers who play with toddlers in stimulating and encouraging ways tend to have children with healthier relationships at age 16, surpassing mothers’ effect.
- Fathers tend to shape language development as they typically do not talk down to their children as much as mothers, using larger words. There is a link between fathers who used varied vocabulary with their 2-year-olds, and more advanced speech at age 3, even though the fathers spoke less often to the children.
- Fathering may reduce teen delinquency. Fathers tend to handle misbehavior differently from mothers, stressing real-world consequences.

and this part of the article tickled me: “It was talkative dads who gave the kids an edge.” hehe.

i guess it’s true that mums generally communicate with their kids more (in other words, ‘nag’), while dads are more verbally economical by virtue of being, well, males (unless of course, you’re a lawyer or a national debater or a taxi driver).

having had a father who was not very ‘involved’ or communicative, i’m glad that our generation of daddies has evolved and are taking a more active part in ‘fathering’.

meanwhile, the following is an example of the kind of, erm, lessons the Bapaknye has been imparting to the little one:

“aniq! superman!” —> *stretches arm outwards* —> little one stretches arm outwards

“batman!” —> *makes circular shape with index finger and thumb over eyes* —> little one pinches index finger and thumb over his eyes to the best of his (limited) abilities

“ultraman!” —> *makes a cross with two arms* —> little one gets mixed up with superman

“spiderman!” —> *makes squeezing motion with hands* —> at which point Maknye corrects Bapaknye on his gross misrepresentation of spiderman with proper wrist-flicking action —> little one gives up in confusion

“mickey mouse!” —> *wriggles fingers over head* —> at which point Maknye also gives up —> the little one, finding this doable, wriggles fingers over his head


i don’t know how much of an ‘edge’ the Bapaknye is giving him, but at least he’d know his comic book heroes, and that, surely, is important to know in the real world. :p

mickey man!
mickey man!

12 Responses to “maknye & bapaknye”
  1. raggedyanne says:

    OMFG! I got a tummy ache reading this! hey, at least his efforts are ‘educational’ lah jugak. I mean, all boys should know their superheroes, right or not?

    p/s: if nunu sees a superhero on TV, semua “Man”. Batman pun ‘man’, spiderman pun ‘man, ultraman pun ‘man’ :D

  2. hana says:

    haha! i think boys are more ‘do-ers’ ah, everything has accompanying actions.
    eg. nak minum air = “ah!” *hand-to-mouth pouring action*
    it’s like they form their own sign languages!

  3. shireen says:

    its a sign! its a sign! :p

  4. irris says:

    Hey! I did an essay on fathers & their impact on baby’s development once. Tak sia2…ada guna jugak!

    Adam seems to go “goo goo gaa gaaa” more to his ayah than me! Ishk budak ni….suruh dia mintak ayah dia feed dia baru tau!

  5. lynn maharet says:

    i like the spiderman part wahwhwawa
    confuse eh bapak nyer hwahw

  6. mahd says:

    “batman!??? —> *makes circular shape with index finger and thumb over eyes*”

    i can’t find the correlation!!! hehehehe…

  7. aliyah says:

    LoL!! agree with lynn….the part on spiderman…. *wild imaginations*

    nks err…..picking up more of the rough edge from the daddy. mcm mana ni nak bawak dia back on track eh?
    she’s a girl acting like a boy…muka da lah mcm boboy….lol!

    i love dancing….and so does nks…and she creates her own dance moves.
    currently adopting the shake-your-whole-body dance picked up from nokia adv. lol!

  8. hana says:

    spiderman mcm pervert liddat… :p
    sib baik takde cicakman!

    it’s ok for nks to be tomboyish lor, kan selalu pat movies, the tomboys always blossom into sex sirens… oops! :p

    mahd, batman pakai mask lah, duhhh…!

    nani, suruh ur AH pakai those prosthetics boobs mcm citer meet the fockers lahh… hehe.

    oit shir, i would hv to send izad to nyc first lor, lol! ;)

  9. elastica says:

    about the part on “tek-nician”..maybe i’ll call tender to award you as a consultant at my company to implement welfare for nursing working mums!!

    aniq and bapaknye can teach comic sign language..

  10. raihan says:

    i realize i very tak often (actually never?) meng-tag message pat sini since you moved here from movabletype eh?! another weird raihan-thing. i noe, i weird like that.

    so i start by asking…is that really really REALLY ur perot??!! the white-and-dusty-pink clad one with aniq inside? really?! waaahh…is be pweety pewot lor!!

  11. hana says:

    yes lah cik rai, elle est moi! for evidence, click on ‘Unnamed’ pat atas tuu… lol!
    ps: u confirm goin kl this wkend?

    wah elastica, i would be hawnered…. i quote low price (pasal takde certification)!

  12. nahuya says:

    Hehe, that was interesting..: )

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