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something triggered the decision last week when i was reading the zero to three journal at work.

that’s it, i thought, i’m sending him to school.

well, PLAYschool, anyway. or what you’d call, sekolah makan. :D

i guess i could write many paragraphs here about how i believe in early childhood education, but i’m not trained in the field and i can only speak of what i’m exposed to in my course of work. but what i DO know is, our preschool education system has changed so much since the time we were chucked into those p/a/p kindergartens with the blue uniform, being drilled our ABCs and 123s by the ah-soh teachers. the emphasis has changed over time, and there are so many great programmes out there to choose from. no more just a sekolah makan now, ok! so yeah, i’m sold to the idea of preschool.

i did ask myself if 19 months is too young for school. so i asked around and did a bit of research.

“…it’s important for parents to consider their child’s developmental level and temperament. “How social is their child? Do they enjoy approaching new people or are they shy around strangers and take time to warm up? Does their child tolerate changes? Are they adaptable?”

- iParenting

and as much as i feel children should enjoy their childhood, yada yada, i also feel that they can do so much more effectively in a stimulating environment, with interactive activities (ie. less tv!), surrounded by other children and adults.

i’m not putting him in full day childcare for now, as long as my mum is willing and able to look after him. i thought an introduction to a few hours of playgroup everyday would be a good start.

and since dadam’s already in the same playgroup, i was sure he’d have no trouble with being left there for a bit.

since i was at home today, i thought i’d check out the place myself, since i’d only heard about it from dadam and never seen it before.

i was right, he liked it all right. as soon as we set foot into the place, the little one made a beeline for the table with the toys, grinned into the faces of the other kids, and settled himself right in.

he jumped and danced and sat along with the rest of the adorable kids in the group without any cajoling, it was quite funny actually hehee.

he barely looked around for me (don’t think he even noticed i was there), and he didn’t even want to leave!

looks like all systems go, then. :)

enjoy your childhood, hun.


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