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for all you gwen fans who will be thrashing around in the concert moshpit (haha moshpit sey!) come august…


did she kentut her baby out of that body? did she get a wizard from hogwarts to erase all traces of stretchmarks on that belly? is she secretly a character in Heroes with the superpower ability to look dropdead dripping hot while casually carrying a baby? if not, who is her personal trainer? i want names, NOW! (or at least, tell me where to get that skirt, ouuhh…)

cis. lucky i’m not going to see her. wait i throw plastic mineral water bottle at her how?

ok ok, i’m not that evul. wait kena jail, cannot blog.

eh, what am i saying, i’m not even going to her concert!

now i shall show you a mak buyong celeb gone wrong instead, to make myself (and you) feel better.

can you guess who THIS is?

no no, this is not your typical supersize american housewife going to the nearest suburban mall to buy a dozen boxes of krispy kremes. she is in fact a famous young pop opera (?) singer, who was not too long ago a sweet, innocent child of 12 years old with a number one selling album on the british classical charts. oh, and she was also the world’s top 10 naturally beautiful people, according to some dodgy online poll.

maaaaybe she’ll need the name of gwen’s personal trainer more.

*looks down at wrinkly navel and saggy pouch, forever damaged by one aniq izhan*


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