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due to lack of viable babysitting arrangements and bad parenting (ha ha), you can now add another ‘cartoon’ to that list of yours which already includes x-men and superman, babe.

this time, though, you can walk (or sneak) into the cinema yourself.


our ‘rombongan’ occupied two and a half rows, thanks to your unty esah who booked the seats waaay in advance. (well ok, two days ago.)


since there was an extra seat in our row, we plopped you on a booster seat, where you munched on your snacks, goggle-eyed.


you generally behaved, as we’d thought, only occasionally climbing down during the less explosive bits to escape to the aisle, which was barricaded by uncle fadz’s legs, and badgering unty rini and uncle naz sitting in front for their popcorn, which kept you quite busy hehe.

otherwise, you sat, TRANSfixed, as the helicopters and planes and cars went berserk on screen (which i tried, and failed miserably, to shield your eyes from – you kept swiping my hands away, grrr~), and ended up perched on my lap, waving your arms and fists at the screen (as unty esah said, “dengan muka-muka sekali!”) as thunderous shots were fired and orange flames burst to monstrous effect.

alamak, this show, SO GUY lor. testosterone overdrive habis.

so, what do you think of the autobots?

well, you nodded off two-thirds into the show (as you did all the other movies), so perhaps you were only mildly impressed by them.

then again, it WAS your bed-time!

mummy and daddy thought the storyline was kinda, well… lame. alah, macam frodo protecting and running away with the ring from the dark lord of mordor to save middle-earth gitu. (that witwicky fella pon cute and kecik macam frodo jugak.) daddy thinks the ol’ skool cartoons had more heart. mummy, well, she never bothered with boy stuff back then, she was more into smurfs and gummi bears, so she went in with pretty much zero expectation. :p

in any case, we reckon hasbro did a damn good job at creating a dizzying hype and emptying the pockets of a sentimental generation who grew up on the cartoon on tv and can now afford to buy themselves the slew of toys and collectibles, manufactured in conjunction with the movie.

and kudos to the special effects people for making my head spin from trying to figure out (and failing miserably, again) how the massive, gangly, apes of steel can turn into cute, compact little vehicles in mere seconds. (and also, how alien robots always end up in america, speaking english and trying to save the human race, and how the american air force and army ALWAYS win in heroic battles between good vs evul. sekali sekali kalah tak boleh ke?)

we hope that the movie will not cause much detriment to your fragile young psyche. violence is bad, ok? cannot fight fight, shoot shoot like that, you know?

and no, that small yellow car you pointed to at the carpark when you woke up after the show, that was NOT Bumblebee.

ps: friday night, and the place, ie. orchard cineleisure, was packed with youths, ie. young people, and made us, ie. your parents, feel old-ish coz we were the only one with a babe in arms. or at least, like wayward teens with an out-of-wedlock child, boohoo! :D


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