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we were at dempsey the week before, and we were there again on saturday, this time at loewen gardens.

ouhh, this show is way better than that christina akurela concert!

the birthday princess fell into a deep slumber before the cake-cutting. no she was not poisoned by an apple by her evil stepmother, she was just totally knackered!

o where art thine prince to wake you with a kiss, fair lady fynna?? zzz…

the other little ones, on the other hand, were WIDE awake. like that boy in the blue shirt who managed to swipe some cake with his tiny finger (and grabbed a chocolate spire with his grubby hand).

i bet christina akurela didn’t give out cake at her concert, nyeh nyeh!

i think his naughty streak is rubbing off on me. oops, sorry kids, i think i exceeded the weight limit on the trampoline. (hey what’s a birthday party without at least trying out one kiddy activity?!)

bouncy bouncy smack smack, i’m gonna give me a heart attack!

meant to go to the free happy feet screening at the botanic garden since it was so, so near, but looking at the queue of cars waiting to get in, i guess other cheapo singaporeans had the same idea. bah, we’ll just have to wait for it to come out on HBO then.

and speaking of cheapo singaporeans, a bunch of them were found dotting the side of the river across stadium, waiting for another kind of free show. the little one didn’t care so much for that, though, he was too busy running around with the other kids, as usual. hehe.

and the show? as rini put it, macam ayam kentot lor! LOL!



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